Discovering Your Unique Self

What people say about Supreme Wellness workshops:

“Everything was so direct and clear.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning and growing!”

“If one is searching for direction, take this course!”

“I left the workshop with the clarity I was praying for, in addition to ALL of the pleasures that was promised, once we are clear about our values."

"Thank you for caring! You made a difference in my life today!”

This 3.5 hour practical workshop giving you foundational knowledge about YOU!

  • Alignment to YOUR Truth

  • Clarify your Values and Drives

  • Create a pathway to better communication

  • Gain clarity about choices in YOUR life

  • Find answers to YOUR 'WHY’ questions

Demartini Method® for Groups

This half to full day personal development program focuses on assisting attendees in lifting the burden of stress from their lives in regard to relationship conflicts, health concerns, business relations, difficult decisions, traumatic events, family losses or more general life challenges. As certified Demartini Method® Facilitators, we have been specifically trained in taking you through this unique transformational method. 


Principles of Communication Mastery Workshop:

This course is about learning to build strong lasting relationships with those around you. Learn valuable skills for effectively communicating with others in your life. With the right tools you will be able to communicate your values and needs in terms of others resulting in a win-win for everyone.