Tania Tuck

Emotional Wellness Specialist and Coach, Teacher, and Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator.
‘I give you permission to be YOU!’

The investment in working with Tania is worth every ounce of energy, every moment of time and every effort. She is a great healer and visionary with a remarkable ability to create practical and lasting solutions that leave one with hope and feeling whole.
— Dr. Kim Jobst MA. DM. MRCP. MFHom.
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 About Tania Tuck

Tania Tuck has 20 years as a Teacher and a decade as an Emotional Wellness Specialist. Using this knowledge as a Coach, Mentor and Educator, she refocuses you on yourself first, so that you can offer the most to others in terms of love and contribution. She specialises in working with all adults who have childhood or adolescent trauma that still effects their lives. Tania is an adoptee, so her own sense of identity and belonging have been keenly investigated through different life transitions.

She helps you reveal the gifts hidden in your Past experiences that you might have perceived as negative.  She empowers you to rediscover, love and express your true identity not in spite of challenges, but because of them. Tania gets results fast, this is not therapy! Together you unpick the events in your life and dissolve your emotional charges. She assists you to form dynamic, fulfilling relationships and career paths, and make aligned lifestyle choices to look and feel great.

Many people experience events which could be labelled as intense or traumatic, we experience deep pockets of emotion which impact our ability to live an integrated, fulfilling life. Tania seeks clients who would like to transform their sense of debilitating victimhood into something more empowering.

Everybody has junctions in their lives when it is hugely beneficial to get expert coaching.

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • I am feeling powerless or rudderless and looking for an inspired direction.

  • I am stressed/anxious or depressed about the way my life is.

  • I am feeling angry and out-of-control. 'Poor me, life happens TO me!'

  • I am carrying shame and guilt, feeling different and alone.

  • I am having relationships affected by my sense self-worth and/or fears of rejection.

  • I am exhibiting addictive, escaping behaviors, not feeling grounded.

  • I am 'Playing the part' to meet other people's expectations, but not stopping to explore my unique self-expression.

  • I am finding it hard to locate my 'Truth'.

    If you can say: “YES! this statement applies to me” to any of the above, then Tania’s coaching is for you!

How you feel about yourself, and your story, shifts your sense of identity and confidence. Some people slip into depression or even have suicidal thoughts, as they have no tools to manage the situation they find themselves in. This is a chance to OWN your Past.

Any sense of victimisation has been replaced with a feeling of purpose and gratitude, so much so that I have now decided to locate my birth mother. I wholeheartedly recommend Tania’s coaching to anyone, adopted or not! T.R.

How do Tania's unique coaching methods assist a radical transformation?

Storytelling is a vital part of recovery where you can be heard by someone who understands. Tania offers you guidance to reframe your life’s story and truly see yourself, perhaps for the first time. 

  • You balance out events that, until now, you have seen in only one perspective.

  • You have renewed optimism and pride about your circumstances.

  • You have tools to reduce stress and manifest the outcomes that you desire.

  • You feel more controlled in your relationships, career and health.

  • You awaken deeper self-love and open up new possibilities for your future.

  • You see your Life objectively, in context, and make new connections that reveal patterns, 'Aha's and wisdom.

  • You have permission! Explore your right to exist and express yourself, just as you are!

  • You see the perfection of your Past and have gratitude for all that has happened so far.

I went from feeling so overwhelmed emotionally that suicide was the only solution to cease my incessant torture, to being/feeling so empowered that I could find positive meaning in any event (positive or negative) I learnt the importance of balance in my life. Most important of all, I learned that I am capable of healing. I recommend this to anyone, there is no situation big or small that would not benefit from what was learned. N.B.

Tania has a gift of creating a safe space so that you feel comfortable sharing and dissolving past traumas and pains. Tania’s teaching experience means she is adept at structuring concepts, to be effectively learnt and applied by anyone: “I love to connect wisdom to experience!

Tania has made such a difference in my life. I wish that everyone could spend time learning about their lives this way. She is a master at her profession, is loving and easy to work with. She has opened my eyes to my past. This came at a time that I needed to look at my life though new eyes.

Kathi K.

Tania is the co-owner of two Texoma Wellness Centers in North Texas with Dr. Dave Tuck, where, as the Emotional Wellness Coach, she assists patients to shift perceptions, reduce emotional stresses, allowing their bodies to heal. 

As a Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator, with over 1000 hours studying through the Demartini Institute, she regularly facilitates at Breakthrough Experience Events and runs workshops/webinars globally. Tania enjoys contributing articles to books and magazines.

Tania reads and travels broadly and is a life-long learner, with a variety of insightful ‘Wisdom Mentors’.

She is the proud mother of Calum and Jessica.

"Listen to your intuition, make definitive shifts that feel ‘right’ and do more of what makes you feel alive!"

Spectrum of Wisdom (SOW) Process

The SOW Process is a profound way of looking at your life! Using a hand-drawn timeline specifically made for you, we map the main events in your relationships, identity, career and health, in a practical way using symbols and colors. You are guided every step of the way! We use this as a platform to balance perceptions about past events and people and we find the wisdom hiding within, or sow new wisdom, which shifts how you feels and the meanings that you perceive.


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