Spectrum of Wisdom Process

Through the application of Tania’s Spectrum of Wisdom Process, I was able to finally release negative patterns of behavior and limiting beliefs that for many years have been obstacles to my personal growth.
— Kerry K.

Who is it for?

People who have perceived trauma in their past: Adoption, PTSD, Grief, ‘Abuse’ or ‘Big Stories’ that run their lives.
People who are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression - generally feeling stuck in their lives and would love a SHIFT! 
People who are searching but not finding the answers. 
People who come up against the same barriers and fears that prevent them from taking the next step. 
People who have patterns of behavior or beliefs about themselves that they would like to break.


What outcomes can you expect?

I love the Spectrum of Wisdom Process. It made me feel like a better person it changed the way I looked at people and the way I felt people looked at me. I always felt that people looked at me like a blob, a shape, now I hold my head up high, I feel better about myself my blood pressure is dropped I have lost 20 lbs. It is wonderful. I think everybody should do this.


Renewed sense of calm:
    •    The sources of emotional stresses are found and freed
    •    Bad memories are turned around
    •    Difficult feelings are named and dissolved
    •    Relief from stress and pressure - weight lifted from your shoulders
Gratitude for your Past just the way it was!
Greater appreciation for your SELF: your skills, attributes and character that you are proud of.
A love of life and all its complexity. 
A different level of strength and understanding to face future stress and challenge.
Greater clarity about your purpose and direction.
A plan for the next steps of your Journey in different areas of your life: Relationship, Identity, Career and Health.



What is the Spectrum of Wisdom (SOW) Process?

This is a compelling, cutting-edge experience that shows you WHY!
Why you are who you are, 
Why you have these challenges, 
Why you do what you do…
It pinpoints YOUR UNIQUE learning, YOUR UNIQUE strengths by unearthing the gifts of your experiences, giving you a transformative new perspective on your past memories.

The process is intuitively guided by Tania Tuck, its creator. We use the Demartini Method® and Ratios of Perception to dissolve emotions and charges. 

It’s a completely individualized process that maps out your life in an ‘easy to view’ way. Using a hand-drawn timeline, and structured steps, you plot the main events in your Relationships, Identity, Career and Health. This new matrix of understanding allows you to let go of shame and guilt, anger and resentment. This frees you from your past so that you can create a future aligned to an inspired you. We map insights and ‘Ahas’ and structure a plan of action so that you can take the next steps with certainty.

The coaching package includes:

Up to 3 hours coaching preparation prior to your arrival One whole-day creating your timeline and experiencing the SOW Process 1:1 PLUS six hours follow-up coaching. 

In a supportive and safe environment, get away from your reality so you can focus on YOU without distraction, at our beautiful house in Texas.
Have time for reflection, self-appreciation and be nurtured with healthy, good food. 

The Spectrum of Wisdom Process is a profound way of looking at your life!

Investment: $3400