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Go from where you are, to where you would love to be!

I’ve sought out and worked with some of the finest consultants the personal development field has to offer. Those experiences were rewarding, but my weekend retreat working with Tania and Dave Tuck was nothing short of transformational.
— Kerry K.

Join us in a wonderful location for a customized get-away focusing on your unique needs

With other like-minded individuals, learn valuable tools and principles to apply to your life

Change your life experience and reduce your stress in personalized sessions.


Illuminate your path and increase your understanding through the wealth of knowledge Tania and Dr. Dave Tuck share with you! 


Learn a variety of principles, techniques and cool ideas to help you to release emotional baggage, learn new ways of thinking and achieve your goals. Once taught, you can apply to all areas of your life independently, and therefore feel more in control of your destiny.


The Supreme Wellness Team


Do you want to improve and achieve different outcomes in your Relationships, Career or Health? With over 40 years between them of owning Wellness Clinics, Teaching and Coaching, Tania and Dr. Dave Tuck have help thousands of people shift their thoughts and actions to get great results. 

Tania Tuck

Tania Tuck




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