1-to-1 Coaching

We approach each client from an individualized viewpoint offering customized coaching programs to fit your unique needs and desires. Sessions can be in person or online depending on location and needs of the client.

We offer a FREE 20-minute consultation in which we discover the outcomes you desire from coaching. From this, we make a unique plan of action that outlines what we will achieve and the number of hours coaching we estimate it will take to get you there.


What you can expect from 1:1 coaching with Tania: 

Her total presence and attention during the session, where she utilizes her teaching skills to draw out and make sense of your issues. She applies Universal Laws and uses the Demartini Method® to give you a new focus and poise: reducing stress, shifting perspective and allowing the body to heal. She sends you a session review that is a snapshot what you have covered and gives you homework to maximize shifts and learning. She is available for email contact between sessions. 


What you can expect from 1:1 coaching with Dave:

Dave has a unique way of connecting with his clients creating a safe space for them to be open and express themselves freely. He has an extensive knowledge of the body and mind connection and helps his clients decipher their stresses and symptoms to quickly begin to make some shifts. Dave helps his clients reconnect to their vision and purpose, reigniting within them more inspiration and zest for life. Through his work, he helps people make sense of their past, appreciate today and create a plan for the future that aligns with their authentic self.  He supports and encourages his clients to focus their intention and take direct action steps towards their ultimate goals. Dave guides his clients to find perfection in the perceived chaos and teach them tools to dissolve emotional baggage.