Inspiration Bible: Tania

‘Inside’ is just YOU!
Your voice, your perceptive inner child, the witness to your consciousness:
A Unique Soul with a mission and purpose.
There is clarity and certainty.

And then LIFE happens to you! 
How difficult it is, to stay attached to that Inner World, after all the childhood and social conditioning. Authority figures telling you how it is; Media and peer groups swaying you, some experiences clipping you. 
Your edges blur: why you are here and how best to truly express yourself, are eclipsed by the innate desire to belong and fit in. Hoping to please and doing what’s right, you feel increasingly powerless and insignificant, falling between the cracks of other people’s needs, expectations and desires.

It is possible to reach adulthood and feel you have lost touch with yourself altogether. 

Yet, there will come a pivotal point, a moment, when that Unique Soul within will look at the life you have made and will urge you to ask:
Does it have to be this way?

The response is NO! 
With this, comes permission to ask two Key Questions: Who am I? and Why am I here? 
The answers are discovered through your personal journey back to YOU.
To become self-actualized, firstly it’s important take the time to expand your self-knowledge, self-worth and self-love. 
Reflect on your life; dig a little, and answers are like gems waiting to be plucked from the rock-face.
In your Past - every person you ever met, every event or experience that happened to you has honed your character, qualities, skills and attributes. 
Your specific challenges defined your focus and your destiny. 
You are unique and amazing!
In the Now - rediscover what and who gives you delight, where you feel at home. Listen to your intuition, make definitive shifts that feel ‘right’ and do more of what makes you feel alive! 
Trust your Authentic Self - Own your Identity! 
It is all unfolding as it should. 

TaniaJameson Elder